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Microplastic Testing

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Microplastic Testing

Microplastics are defined as man-made plastics that are less than 5 mm. Research is showing that they have a significant impact on our oceans and ecosystems and their effect has even reached some of the most remote parts of our planet.

Sci-Ba has embarked on an internal project to accumulate long-term data of the quantities and distribution of microplastics along the various beaches of the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. Our findings will be compiled into an article and will published on our website in due course.

Our methodologies are adopted based on current best practices (including NOAA methods) and recommendations but this is an emerging field with ongoing research and standardisation. Our Scientists keep current with local and international work and we are continuously updating our scope in the field of microplastics. Currently, our microplastic testing services include: -

  • Fieldwork and sampling programs
  • Separation of micro-plastics from beds, soils and water samples
  • Identification and analysis services
  • Imaging and micro-analytical imaging and analysis
  • Identification of micro-plastics in products

Sci-Ba's team of microplastic testing experts are continuously looking for new applications and projects to get involved with in this regard, whether from an academic, environmental or product development perspective. Please contact one of our microplastic testing specialist to discuss your research or project requirements or even give us feedback and comments on your experiences with microplastics.

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