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In light of the new National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEMWA), companies are becoming more interested in understanding, classifying and characterising their waste streams either for disposal or re-use in alternate production environments rendering many waste streams as potential commodities or raw materials.

Sci-Ba is well positioned to test a wide range of waste materials, with a particular focus on wastes from industry, manufacturing, mineral processing and mines. Classifying waste for disposal and preparation of safety data sheets (SDS) are part of our expertise.

All testing is carried out in-line with national (e.g. NEMWA) and international standards such as AS, ASTM, EPA and ISO. Some routine services include:

  • Waste testing for total and leachable components (TC and LC) including heavy metal, organics, pesticides, anions and chrome VI.
  • A wide range of leaching options including ASLP, TCLP and SPLP.
  • Physical testing including particle size analysis, bulk density, organic matter, moisture, ash and volatile content
  • Chemical testing including bulk and heavy metal analysis, carbon content, chrome VI
  • All required test for the generation of SANS 10234 (and GHS) compliant safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Characterisation of materials for re-use as alternate fuels including calorific value, heavy metal analysis, flashpoint, ash content.

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