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Slag Analysis

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Slag Analysis

Slags are produced as a by-product of metal smelting and the stainless steel manufacturing industry. Slags from a smelter typically have unique physical, chemical and mineral properties. Due to the large and fairly consistent quantities produced from a single locality, there is a growing market for using slags in downstream processing industries. Slag compositions are dependent on a number of factors, including feed materials, furnace type, additives and temperature. Slags are formed in all metal smelting processes, including base metals (aluminium, copper, nickel, manganese, iron, zinc, tin etc), precious metals (gold, platinum and platinum-group, silver), as well as more exotic metals (chromium, titanium, cobalt, rhodium, ruthenium).

Sci-Ba is well established in slag testing. Physical, chemical and mineral testing for slags is carried out in-line with standards such as ASTM, DIN and ISO where possible and includes the following routine testing:

  • Physical testing
    • Density
    • Particle size analysis (sieve analysis and laser diffraction)
    • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • Chemical testing
    • Metal and non-metal oxides (majors and traces from Fl to U)
    • Specific heavy metals such as Hg, Th, Cd, U, Cr3+ and Cr6+
    • Sulphur, sulphate and sulphide
    • Leachate testing
  • Mineral testing
    • Bulk mineral analysis by XRD
    • Petrographic investigation
    • SEM analysis and EDX chemical mapping

We aim to provide the best possible testing services and R&D support from group of specialist scientists! Contact us to discuss your slag testing requirements, whether it is for waste classification, SDS, import/export or to determine its potential use in new emerging markets.

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