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Fly Ash Analysis

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Fly Ash Analysis

Fly Ash

Fly ash and bottom ash is produced as a by-product of the coal fired energy industry. Owing to the unique physical properties, the fairly consistent chemical and mineral components from a given power station, and the sufficient quantities typically available, there is a growing market for using fly ash and bottom ashes in the engineering and construction industries, for cement and concrete production, although other uses are constantly being researched and developed.

Sci-Ba is well established in the testing of flyash and bottom ash testing. Physical, chemical and mineral testing for flyash and bottom ash is carried out in-line with standards such as ASTM, DIN, EPA and ISO where possible and includes the following routine testing:

  • Physical testing:
    • Calorific content
    • Flashpoint, density, Particle size analysis (PSD)
    • Moisture, LOI
    • pH, temperature, EC
    • Particle size distribution (sieve analysis and laser diffraction)
  • Chemical Testing
    • Metal and non-metal oxides (majors and traces from Fl to U)
    • Specific heavy metals such as Hg, Th, Cd, U, Cr3+ and Cr6+
    • Anions (Cl-, Fl-, Br-, NO2-, NO3-, PO4-, SO4-)
    • Sulphur, sulphate and sulphide
    • Carbon content
    • Leachate testing
  • Mineral Testing
    • Bulk mineral analysis by XRD
    • Clay content
    • Mica content
    • Petrographic investigation
    • SEM analysis and EDX chemical mapping

Contact one of our scientists at Sci-Ba to discuss your projects, whether it is testing flyash and bottom ashes for waste classification, or to determine its use in concrete, civil engineering projects, brick, tile and ceramic manufacturing or other new emerging uses, this sector offers an exciting and rapidly expanding market! We aim to provide the best possible testing services with R&D support from our chemists, mineralogists and environmental scientists!

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