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Drinking Water Analysis

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Drinking Water Analysis

Water quality standards are used to classify water into different categories based on their physical, chemical and organic composition. In South Africa, SANS 241:2105 specifies the limits and associated risks of water intended for drinking. The standard classifies water based on microbiological, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinands. Water that complies to this standard is considered safe for lifetime consumption.

Our water laboratory has extensive experience with drinking water analysis and hydrochemistry of all types of water including drinking water. Sci-Ba boasts a team of trained professionals that can sample your water point for you or provide advice on the best way to sample, preserve and transport water to Sci-Ba or work with you whilst siting and drilling your own borehole or well-point. Drinking water analysis is performed in a matter of days and results are presented in a comprehensive, easy-to-read report is prepared showing the parameters that comply or fail against the limits of SANS 241:2015 and their associated risks.

Our services include: -

  • Drinking water analysis for drinking purposes (SANS 241:2015)
  • Water sampling (surface and borehole)
  • Long-term water monitoring programs
  • Sampling of water at purification plants and at distribution centres
  • Guidance with sampling programs and supply of prepared sample containers
  • Guidance with borehole siting and drilling

Sci-Ba boasts a team of expert scientists that can assist you in understanding and interpreting the results of your drinking water analysis and working with you when sinking your own borehole or well point.

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